Q & A Session By Laura Purdie/Alberto Suriel (7/18/15)

July 21st, 2015

In this message we attempt to answer some great questions that were submitted to us. Questions like: 

"Are women permitted to teach men or should they be silent forever?"

"On the wider scene, what theological trends and strands of false teaching would the leaders in particularly be concerned about at the moment?"

"Is the Bible the 100% true, accurate Word of God inspired by the Holy Spirit?"

"What do you feel is recommend reading/watching for any christian?"

"What do you suppose is the main difference between our church model and other church models in terms of structure and building? "

"Pardoning the expression, are there any ‘sacred cows’ in the church?"

"Does the church have a annual budget and if so, how is it put together?"


Vulnerability By Alberto Suriel (7/11/15)

July 11th, 2015