David and Goliath by Alberto Suriel (9/19/15)

October 24th, 2015

Just read the Malcolm Gladwell book of the same title. 


Hope fulfilled by Alberto Suriel (9/5/15)

September 19th, 2015

Women in Leadership: Part 3 Q&A By Laura Purdie, and Debra Cox(8/22/15)

September 11th, 2015

Women in Leadership: Part 1 Putting Women in Their Place By Laura Purdie, Debra Cox, and Alberto Suriel (8/8/15)

August 13th, 2015

This week we toke the opportunity to share why we chose this topic and what we have witnessed in church culture concerning women being allowed to lead. This is part 1 of a 4 part series.


Counter Culture by Patrick Kelly (5/30/15)

June 2nd, 2015