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Women in Leadership: Part 2 What does The Bible say? By Debra Cox and Alberto Suriel (8/15/15)

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Q & A Part 2 (2/14/15)

February 17th, 2015

by Laura Purdie, Chris Cox, Patrick Kelley and Alberto Suriel

Q1 How do you feel about how Christianity and Politics merge/intersect/collide?- Alberto Suriel

Q2. What would you say is "the mission of the church?  What is our charter? -Laura Purdie

Q3 When seeking "healing" from past hurts (ability to trust, pain from betrayal, fears about future) what is the responsibility we have vs that of God to bring about healing?

Q4 Why does God remove people from us when we want healing and restoration? Are our tears ever in vain? If He says "no" how do you accept that when you don't want to? - Chris Cox

Q5 When you feel like God doesn't hear you, what is the problem? Why does God remove people from us when we want healing and restoration? Are our tears ever in vain? If He says "no" how do you accept that when you don't want to? When you feel alone and people give trite answers, what is God really wanting from us? Is he wanting cookie cutter responses or healing? -Patrick Kelly

Q6 Was the law abolished or fulfilled? how do they interact now in the new covenant. -Alberto Suriel


Impacting Our Culture (Guest speaking at COTR on 11/16/14)

February 6th, 2015

Impacting our culture

At COR we are really big on raising leaders so that we can impact culture. We believe that as we help unleash the call and gifting in an individual within their context we help release the culture of the throne room of God into our daily lives.

What is culture?
Culture: refers to the cumulative deposit of knowledge, experience, beliefs, values, attitudes, hierarchies, roles, determined by the development of a collective

People create culture with the fundamentals of their value system. Being position to set the value system at the center of culture is vital to developing it.

It’s not just about raising good kids it’s about developing an environment where living righteously  is not only admired but rewarded.

Why is impacting our culture important?

Bill Johnson from bethel once asked the question: “Why has the mormon religion managed to grow for over 100 years, despite persecution and false theology?” He answers that question by saying “Its because they have built a culture that protects and promotes what they believe.“
Mormons realized early on that if they are not in the business of creating and impacting culture than what they believe is vulnerable to be attacked and shrink.

Mormons vs The State of California: It was primarily the mormon voters who voted in the state of california to prevented, albeit for only a few years, that same sex marriage becoming legal in the state. This was made possible because the Mormon leaders of the LDS Church put out a decree to all their congregants to organize, protest and vote.  

We even almost had a Mormon President (Mitt Romney) a feat that would not have been possible 50 years ago. Considering how tough of a time we had trying to accept a catholic president (JFK) in 1961

Both Bethel and IhopKC have created a culture-impacting-community that is actively shaping the surrounding community. How they do this I hope to help you understand. Not because you guys aren't doing it but by understanding how we do it can help us capitalize on our efforts:

The primary objective of God is to glorify his son by  entrusting Him with  His kingdom. The primary objective of Jesus is to glorify his father by expanding his kingdom. The primary objective of the holy spirit is to glorify both by building the kingdom in the hearts of man.

Our  primary objective is to glorify the trinity not by building a church but by expanding the kingdom of God here on the earth. We do that by impacting and transforming the culture around us.  COTR has been actively doing that by creating a revival culture as part of its DNA.

Impacting culture really isn't as complicated as it might sound. as a matter of a fact we do it all the time. Here’s an easy way to look at it: